• March - Water, water everywhere. Floods prevent working or competing the horses most of January, Feb and March. By the end of the month I was able to get Lincoln Astor (Asti) to the Caboolture One star event. A better behaved young horse you couldn’t get, and we were 3rd in the 1B on 69.2% and 1st in the 2C with 65.6%. A great start – but as they say, don’t count your chickens before they hatch!!!!

  • April - Mid April we took Asti and Liaison to the NAGs one star event. The surface was not great due to all the wet weather. Liaison was 2nd in the Inter II and 1st in the Grand Prix, but he really struggled on the uneven ground. Asti wasn’t much better and was unplaced in the prelim and novice. I took Asti to a clinic organized by the Hanoverian Society with Anna Sophie Feilbelkorn and later to an official CDG event. He was however very unconcentrated you might say. That happens with young horses and I had to fix the behavior at home before bringing him out again.

  • May - I took Liaison to an official CDG comp. In the Inter II I gained a personal best with 59.1% and we also won the Grand Prix.

  • June - Well the highlight of the year was definitely the Christoph Hess clinic. Thanks Liz, for talking me into it!!! Liaison was great, Christoph very encouraging, clear and positive. He remarked that; ‘..its a pleasure to work with you Claire, you are a very focused, dedicated and well educated rider…’ Regarding Liaison, ‘… we know he is no Totilas – Claire : ‘last time I looked Totilas was not on our draws’. Christoph; ‘he is a very smart, obedient horse and the mistakes he makes are due to rider error..’ That’s fine I can cop that. I managed to get all 3 lessons on video. Thank God.

    On June 18th
    , I turned 50and the best part was that it was the CDG two star. What was even better was that Liaison and I achieved a PB with 57.9% in the Grand Prix. Plus 2 of 3 judges in both the Inter II and Grand Prix gave me over 60%. Pity about the third judge who’s marks spoilt the end result. None the less I had a terrific day, best birthday ever!

  • July - A short turn around time and I headed back to Gatton for the Brenda Wittman two star champs with Liaison, (Asti was still in the dog house). A new PB in the Inter II with 59.4%, and 3rd place. A few mistakes in the Grand Prix for 56%, 3rd place. Overall Liaison was Reserve Champion, Large Tour for the second year running. Back home and Asti was working hard to redeem himself. He went to the GCEG championships for 2 days. The first official novice started as a ‘75%’ test and then he blew it in thecanter work. After some sorting out he managed a 64.7% and 1st in the associate 2C. By day two he was tired and gained 69% in the associate 2D, 1st place and champion associate novice horse. The 4th test was the official 2D and we placed 2nd with 63%.

  • August - At the Rockhampton championships, Asti – despite some lively warm up, managed to score 67.8% in the 2C and 67.3% in the 2D, both 1st place and champion official novice horse. Plus we did our first elementary, 3 C, and scored 64.3% for 1st place. I then took Liaison to Brisbane for the SEG 2 day championship, which was unfortunately postponed and I had to turn around and come home.

  • September - Asti was accepted to be assessed by the national Talent ID squad selectors. I took him to the CDG official day to see if the hard work and new approach had paid off. He behaved well and ended up with 1st in the 3C, 2nd in 2C and 4th in 2D. At the end of the month I took Liaison to the NAGS two star event. It was a good week end, we pulled off a great freestyle scoring 63.7% - a PB and 1st place. One judge had us on 67% - yahh! In the Inter II he lost concentration but still managed 58.2%. Better in the GP with 58.7% - a new PB.

  • October - After being home for only 4 days I had to take Liaison back to Brisbane for the re run of the SEG two star champs. This meant I had to stay in Brisbane for the Qld state champs the following weekend. The grounds at SEG were brilliant. Fantastic huge sand warm up and the comp arenas rode really well. We managed a 58% in the InterII, 3rd place and 3rd again in the GP. I finally got an ‘8’ for my one time changes. A big thank you to Trish and Keith who let me stay at their property all week. I had some real ‘light bulb’ moments in the lessons with Trish, rode some nice young horses and ate very, very well!

    Wow! The SEG committee surprised me with a ‘special presentation rug’ for making such a huge effort to participate in the SEG large tour championship. I felt very special! Thank you to SEG and Horseland Ipswich.

    It was then on to Caboolture for the Queensland state champs and some new experiences at the very new QSEC facility. The weather on Saturday was hideous and the outdoor comps cancelled. We still did the GP and GP freestyle. Liaison was tired after 3 championships in a row. However parts of our GP were vastly improved and were rewarded by some good marks. The piaffe-passage tour still needs work. Oh well, you cant fix everything in a week and we were able to improve the half passes considerably. Three of five judges had me 4th in the GP. A 2nd place in the freestyle was great, although the surface made keeping up with the music difficult. The next day was my first attempt at a GP Special. Poor dummy struggled , he had nothing left to give. Doesn’t matter we know the scores don’t reflect his ability Liaison was awarded Best Performed Holsteiner and received a champion rosette and a super saddlecloth. Lovely surprise. I also represented Saddleworld Rockhampton on behalf of Graham and presented the awards for the preliminary classes. There are some pics on Horse Deals gallery.

    So overall I am pleased that I achieved my goal with Liaison – to get him to as many FEI comps a s possible including the Qld state champs. This meant we then couldn’t go on to the Nationals. Maybe next year, and the best part is that he remained happy and healthy all year despite the ridiculous amounts of miles travelled. Thank you ‘Pig’ – that’ll do! So this year Lexington Farm will be represented at the nationals by Lexington Nite Kap and Ant Bartlett. This 9yr gelding will compete in the Australian Final of the Prix St Georges Challenge, the PStG and the Inter I. Best of luck ant – wish I could be there and ‘go whitey’!!

    Lexingto Farm     Lexingto Farm

    Lexingto Farm     Lexingto Farm

  • November - Asti went to his final official comp at GCEG and had a cracker. 1st in the novice with 68% and 1st in the 3B with 66% -- very happy with him. I also had the opportunity to ride Liaison thru the GP Special which no one has ever done before in CQ. I took Liaison to a clinic with Robert Schmerglatt. It was great , dummy now has a whole new understanding of deep and round and into both reins….. and so do I. Robert rode him and he looked like a fat bay pony, but he said; ‘he maybe 16 but he has a brain like a 6yr old’… good onya Pig. To end the season Liaison won Holsteiner FEI horse of the year and was a top five finalist in the Qld FEI horse of the year, and I was a top five finalist in the Judy Mackay award.


  • March – wet all comps cancelled

  • April – Lincoln Lord Astor went to his first Associate comp for the year at Gladstone and managed to score 70%, 1st place in the prelim and 69% and 1st place in his first attempt at a novice test. What a great young horse, expressive, obedient, we just had two great rides! We also took Hilltop Moondancer to Caboolture for her first big outing and she managed to achieve a 6th in the Prelim and then despite being quite scared, she won the Novice class. This was her first competition and we were very pleased with how well she travelled.

  • May – too wet, cancelled the planned trip to the Toowoomba Championships and by all reports back, it was lucky we stayed home.

  • June – Asti (Lincoln Lord Astor) was off to Gladstone again, this time to compete officially. Unfortunately a distraction spoilt the two novice tests which he won with just 62%. Overall his behaviour was great considering the experience level of the horse. Hilltop Moondancer went to her second ever competition at Waroula and competed at medium level. She did extremely well, placing 2nd and then two 1sts in the 4A and 4B tests with up to 63.5%. What a good girl! The annual Caboolture Dressage Group 3 day Championship was on in June and we took Liaison for his first somewhat delayed ride at Inter2 and Grand Prix for 2010. Staring him again at this level was a big step up from last year and we lack experience at these levels. None the less the Grand Prix was a better test than the Inter2, and we regained some confidence. Hilltop Moondancer had a great run in the 5yr old Young Horse class, placing 2nd with 74.8%.

  • Hilltop Moondancer at CDG

  • July - At the Brenda Wittman Championship at Gatton, Liaison was 4th in the Inter 2 which we used as a warm up for the evening’s Grand Prix class. Well it worked, we produced the best GP test we have ever done. Despite this the scores still ranged from 55 to over 59%, final result was 57%.8%. Liaison was awarded Big Tour Reserve Champion, and we were very proud of ourselves. Later in the month Asti went to Nambour for the NAGs official day. Competing at prelim and novice levels, he was a little anxious in the tests, but kept working. However we were disappointed with our scores. It’s a difficult venue if you are not a local rider with the arenas surrounded by buildings etc. We used the opportunity to give him his first ride in an indoor arena – always a scary moment!

  • August – Asti produced two great official novice tests and this time we were rewarded with good scores at the Gladstone Calliope Regional Two Star Championship. With 67.3% in the 2C and 69% in the 2D, not only did we get two qualifying score for Nationals but we were the Official Novice Champions. On the second day of this comp we competed Hilltop Moondancer at medium level. Her results were; Assoc 4C 60% 2nd place, Official 4B and 4C for 1st and 2nd on about 61%, which gave her Reserve Medium Champion. Unfortunately due to a minor fetlock injury we couldn’t compete Liaison in the Inter2 and GP. However the organizers mad a special presentation telling the story of Liaison from prelim to Grand Prix and awarded him the championship rugs!

  • September – The Waroula Championship was rained out on the second day, however the results from day one for Hilltop Moondancer were 3 straight wins in the Official 3D , Assoc and Official 4B. We were pleased with her performances but a little disappointed with the judging on the day which showed major discrepancies. Still, at the end of the day what matters is that the horse is happy and progressing well – and that fact you could not dispute. Hilltop Moondancer will now have a holiday for a few months because she seriously deserves it and we have to work on preparing for the Nationals. The Caboolture One Star was also on and we decided to take Asti to try for one more qualifying score at Novice level, plus he hadn’t been to this venue and we were keen to give him the experience. He achieved a 2nd in the prelim with 68% and was first in the 2D with 65.9%. That meant we had an average novice percentage of 67.5% which would be good enough for acceptance into the novice championship at the Nationals.

    The Sunshine Coast Championships were at the end of September and held over 3 days. Asti was in for the 5yr YH class, the Novice Futurity and the Prelim, Novice levels, while Liaison was entered in the Inter2, GP and GP freestyle. On the Friday Asti was good in the Novice Futurity and we placed 2nd on 68%. This is a special class with big prize money and we always like to do well, plus it’s for horses with limited experience, so it’s a more level playing field . Liaison hadn’t done his GP freestyle since to 2007 CDI, so we had a bit of fun and he wasn’t that fit as he was just back to work after the sprained fetlock. Still he was 2nd with 61%. Mixed results for Asti in the official classes, some good and not so good moments. The 5 yr YH class resulted in a 67% which was disappointing as he could have been higher, but was really anxious on the grass surface, so the walk was spoilt. Comments were good and promising and he was in the appropriate frame for that level with good contact and acceptance of the bridle. It was hot on the Sunday so we just did the GP with Liaison, and the C’ judge had him on 57.9% but the judging discrepancies eg a 7 and a 4 for a line of correct 1x changes meant that he ended up without a qualifier. It’s tough when you have limited opportunities to compete and this sort of thing happens. Overall both horses behaved well, Asti is not a fan of grass surfaces and the busy cramped warmup area was not to his liking. Liaison wasn’t really fit enough, but a practice run is better than nothing before the Nationals – and we didn’t know then but the Qld State champs were to be postponed due to wet weather. Which means we were only able to do 3 GP tests before the Nationals!!! No where near enough.

    In the meantime back at home, Carlos and Rupert were coming along nicely, both under saddle with no dramas. Carlos has a great attitude to work and really tries hard, while Rupert has a somewhat more imaginative approach to work!

  • First ride

    Is that what I look like?

  • October – This month is all about preparing for the Nationals, the young horses were given a break just to make sure I did get to the Nationals in one piece! Liaison was accepted for the GP CDN and was nominated for the GP Special. Asti was accepted into the %yr YH class and the novice championship. This means that both horses are in the top 35 nationally at their respective levels, a great achievement in itself. Planning for the trip was extensive – I had to have the perfect Trot-Up’ outfit, new tyres and a new windscreen for the tilly plus there were all the phone calls to make arrangements and so it went on. We allowed plenty of time at SIEC for the horses to get used to the place. Liaison was blasé, yeah been there done that’, but poor Asti was rather over whelmed, big atmosphere, big venue, lots of noise in the stables. He improved as the days went by and we eventually even got him into the wash bays, which he didn’t want to know about at all. So it was a huge learning curve for a horse that had really only been to 4 comps during the year.

    The first hurdle to get over was the vet inspection and trot up for the FEI horses. Liaison behaved perfectly and our outfit was spectactular – thanks to Saddleworld Rockhampton, RM Williams and Kingsland. We definitely won this event! Our first competition was the %yr old class and Asti was very anxious in the warm up, but better in the competition arena. Our test was obedient and steady with no major glitches and we finished 11 of 22 with 67%, a good, expected result.

  • The Queensland Team 2010

    Vet inspection and trot up time

    Vet inspection and trot up time

    Vet inspection and trot up time

    Training with Maree at SIEC

    Training with Maree at SIEC

  • Next was the Grand Prix CDN. Our test started really well, all 6’s and 7’ until we got muddled in the passage piaffe tour – which was very expensive in terms of marks. Still, some good canter work and the final passage piaffe was a little better. Possibly too much info during this week and a lack of confidence caused the mix ups – whiah are out of character for Liaison. End result was 3rd place – yahh a ribbon from the Nationals on my own horse – finally! By the time it came to the novice competition Asti was over it, anxious in both tests , although some good moments particularly in the second test. Oh well there is always next year! Many lessons were learnt and now we look forward to the 2011 CDI. Both horses travelled the 1800km home ok and ‘well done Pig’ and Spumante’!

  • Preparing for the GP CDN

    Preparing for the GP CDN

    Preparing for the GP CDN

    Presentation for place getters in the GP CDN – we were 3rd!


    Lincoln Lord Astor

    Liaison and Claire in a lesson with Linda Schmerglatt at SIEC

    Liaison and Claire in a lesson with Linda Schmerglatt at SIEC

    Asti and Claire in a lesson with Linda Schmerglatt at SIEC

    Asti and Claire in a lesson with Linda Schmerglatt at SIEC

    Asti and Claire in a lesson with Linda Schmerglatt at SIEC

    Of course none of this would be possible without the help of ‘Super-Groom’ Deb Ashby!!!

  • November – Back home working the young horses. Carlos has made big progress and we can canter on both reins, he is such an honest horse. Rupert stays mostly in the arena and is learning that there are two sides to his body! Flipper and Arnold are wearing ‘clothes’ now and are coming along despite constant interruptions with wet weather.


  • February - wet weather made it very difficult to qualify Dixon's Glamour for the 6yr old class at Dressage with the Stars to be held in March. We managed to get the results and we were accepted into the class. Lexington NiteKap and Antony Bartlett were also entered and accepted into the 6yr old class. Lincoln Lord Astor (Asti) had his first competition experience and even in excessively hot conditions he behaved perfectly. Placing first with scores to 78% at preliminary level, this was a seriously impressive start.

  • March - Wow! after 3 months back in work it was great to take Liaison to a competition again. We went to Caboolture and placed 3rd in the PstG and 2nd in the Inter1. With the emphasis on relaxation we were under no pressure and he was totally happy in his work. Thank you to all those competitors, judges and friends that wished us well. Of course we had loads of compliments about our FITS breeches and shirt, which felt fantastic even in the heat. Then it was off to Dressage with the Stars 2009 in Melbourne. A long trip but the results were well worth the effort. Lexington NiteKap (Welts Emporer/Modelled xx) starred under Antony Barlett in the 6yr old placing 2nd to Shiraz Black in the first round. Dixon's Glamour placed mid field after round 2 with a 6.9, she worked her little heart out in the individual test. Lexington NiteKap placed 4th in the individual test, a fantastic result!!! Well done Ant!!

  • April - Training and resting at home after getting back from Melbourne.

  • May - Lincoln Lord Astor went to his second competition and performed magnificently, scoring 70.4% in the 1.3. We are so pleased with him. Again bad weather hindered our schedule with the Toowoomba Championships postponed due to storms.

  • Lincoln Lord Astor

    Lincoln Lord Astor

    Lincoln Lord Astor

  • June - Liaison and Dixon's Glamour competed at the Caboolture Championships. Liaison placed 3rd in the Inter1 and Glamour was 2nd in the 6yr old class. The weather conditions were foul with heavy rain on the Sunday. Glamour also completed her first official medium tests with 62% in the 4.4 putting her in top ten. This concludes her competition career and the owners will be putting her in foal for the 2009 breeding season.

  • July - Finally its not raining and we went to the Brenda Wittman Championships at Gatton with Liaison. It was a super weekend, good weather, good arenas, friendly competition.... Liaison went very well and placed 4th in the PstG and 2nd in the Inter1, which gave him the title of Reserve Champion Small Tour. We won the 'furtherest traveller' award and scored a great warm fleecy hoodie - thanks to all at LEGS!

  • August - It was off to Toowoomba for the combined event of the Toowoomba championships and the TDG FEI show.
    Liaison put in two beautifully flowing, calm tests to place 3rd in the PS+G and 2nd in the later I - another Reserve Championship. L.L Astor went to Brisbane to compete at an indoor YH competition for the first time. He behaved very well and placed fourth, we are really pleased with his attitude and with more work he will place up.

  • September - The Caboolture One Star event was held this month due to previous wet weather. Liaison was a superstar and we went with the aim of increasing our average score for the small tour. That we did, winning the Inter1 with 64.5% and placing 2nd in The PsTG.

    At the Sunshine Coast Titles we decided to give Liaison a break as he had qualified for the Queensland State Dressage Championships and The Australian Dressage Championships. So we took young Asti (Lincoln Lord Astor) to his first big show. His behaviours was generally good, bar a mishap in the preliminary tests and in such the remainder of the comp became a 'training exercise'! Teenagers!!

  • October - Firstly we headed off to the Queensland State Champs at Caboolture. Unfortunately Liaison had a minor sprain and it wasn't his best event. A 5th placing in the Inter1 was the result. We didn't push it as the Nationals were only 2 weeks away.

    So back home for a 10 day break only to turn around and drive back to Brisbane for a few days break before heading to Sydney International Equestrian centre. Its such a fantastic place, we love it and Liaison was 'Mr Cool - been there done that' sort of a person that it made all very stress free. We had 2 great lessons with Carlos deCleermacher (Qld State Coach) who renamed him 'Mr Square' . It was so great to have the lessons and so much support - I felt like I was in heaven!

    Friday was the Inter 1 in the indoor, Carlos warmed us up and in we went. Again Liaison just said ' indoor? what indoor?", and really worked his heart out for a mistake free calm test, finishing to great applause and support from Qld riders. we placed 12th out of 32 rides on 62.3%. Two judges on 64.5% 7th, 8th places, two on approx 62% and 12th/13th places and one judge on another planet for 20th. He was in the top 6 Australian bred horses in the class. A lovely congratulations from Clemens Dierks, our previous trainer, was really appreciated.

    I must say representing Qld this year was great fun. All Qld riders and support crew had caps and shirts, so that all of us felt part of the "Qld Team". Saturday was the PStG held outdoors, this was a bit trickier with the flags etc. Good MR Consistent scoored 62.9%, 15th from 35 rides. We were happy, particularly with our first centre line which scored 8's - thanks to Carlos!! Just to be part of this great event was a thrill - with a horse that we thought was finished 12mths ago.

    Thank you to our sponsors Cricklewood Equestrian Wear for providing the smart FITS breeches and matching casual shirt. Also to Peter Horobin Saddlery who re-adjusted my saddle and provided our saddle cloth.


Its been a slow start to the competition season as the Equine Influenza outbreak was finally resolved and movement restrictions lifted. Liaison will be staying at home this year, for the first tome in 8 consecutive competition seasons, to have a holiday and to improve some health issues.

  • May - Dixon's Glamour started competing at elementary level with wins in Rockhampton. Lexington Lucky Swing won his first official novice outing and a prelim test for 70%.

  • June- Dixons Glamour and Warrobil Game Crusader were taken to the Caboolture Dressage Championship. Glamour delivered the goods in the YH6yr old class to gain 3rd place on 62% - ok for a 5yr old horse. Lexington Lucky Swing competed at novice level in Rockhampton to win with scores to 68.8% official.

  • July - Dixon's Glamour and Warrobil Game Crusader had fantastic results at the Gladstone Calliope two star dressage championship. Glamour won the Official Elementary championship and the Associate Elementary championship with scores to 65%. "Sam' really pulled out all stops to win both the Official and Associate Advanced championships with scores to 63%, and he completed his first FEI test at Prix St Georges level, to win with 59.97%. Both horses looked superb thanks to Prydes Easifeeds, and their training is progressing very well under the watchful eye of Linda Schmerglatt, FEI GP rider/instructor of Cades Equestrian Centre, Sunshine Coast. What a great team!!!

  • August - Dixon's Glamour won the Elementary Championship at the Rockhampton Two Star Official Dressage Championship, as well as a win in her first Medium test. Then at the Maryborough Two Star Official dressage Championships, Glamour really pulled out some great scores of 67% and 65.8% to win another Elementary Championship.

  • September - Lexington Lucky Swing and Dixon's Glamour competed at the Sunshine Coast Titles. Glamour won the 6yr old Young Horse class and place third in the Medium Futurity. Lucky competed well at prelim/novice levels, although a little overwhelmed by the atmosphere, but there's plenty of potential.

  • Warrobil Game Crusader

    Dixon's Glamour


  • March - We began the year with Warrobil Game Crusader starting at medium level. At Bundaberg he won with 62 and 65%.

  • April - Warrobil Game Crusader went out to win another 6 medium tests at regional competitions. Dixon's Glamour had her first big day out at novice level scoring 74%, 72% and 68% - she is just a lovely horse to ride and an absolute picture of health thanks to Pryde's Easifeed.

  • May - The weather had finally cooled off and Liaison commenced his first full season at Grand Prix level. It was off to the Qld CDI-W, CDI-Y and Toowoomba Regional Championships, a four day dressage marathon! Warrobil. Game Crusader was competed at medium level, with Liaison in his first CDN GP and GP Freestyle, as well as the Intermediate II. Both horses looked fantastic and performed extremely well. Liaison placed equal first in the CDN Grand Prix and went on to win their first attempt at a GP Freestyle.

  • June - Lexington Lucky Swing had a big day out at Waroula Dressage, Rockhampton with 2 wins and a second placing at prelim level. We scored 71.2% in the official 1.3 and 62% in the official 1.4. In the assoc 1.3 we scored 72.8! What a star!! Later in June the Caboolture Dressage Championships, a 2 star event were held, we took Dixon's Glamour for the novice and the 5yr old YH class, Liaison was in the Inter11 and GP. The weather was wet, the going very very deep; it wasnt the best day for Liaison placing 4th. In the last class the 5yr YH, with about 30min between it and the GP we bustled Glamour into the 5yr old YH class and burned round to WIN 5yr CHAMPION - the little darling is still a 4yr old! It was the Silver Anniversary for the CDG and the prizes were very flash.

  • July - Lexington Lucky Swing continued his winning form at the Gladstone Calliope competition. Competing HC we won the Official prelim with 71.4%. won the assoc prelim 77.6% and assoc nov 68%. Warrobil Game Crusader took out the associate medium with 61%. Next comp was the Rockhampton Dressage comp, Dixon's Glamour competed in 2 novice classes for 2 wins including a 71.4% official 2.3 class, Warrobil Game Crusader competed in 3 assoc medium tests for 3 wins including 63.87% twice in the 4.2!

    So that was nine straight wins for July - we were a happy team!

  • August - We headed off to the Brenda Wittman Classic Dressage Championship at Gatton with Dixon's Glamour and Liaison. Glamour placed 3rd in the individual round of the 5yr YH class held indoors - she was very well behaved. Liaison on the other hand, decided to provide the entertainment for the spectators wining and dining as they watched the Grand Prix. Third horse in, he was doing the test of his life, we nailed the 2's and the 1's, but in the piaffe he put in a spectacular leap rodeo style - and that was that - 4th place. The organizers had a special presentation for the competitor who travelled the 'furtherest' to the BW show - that was us of course! Months later people were still talking about 'Dummy's spit'

    The out break of Equine Influenza on 25 August 2007 and standstill ended the Year.


  • November - Dixon's Glamour was one of 4 horses from Queensland to be accepted into the 4yr old class at Dressage and Jumping With The Stars 2006, held at Werribee, Victoria. Its a VERY long drive , but was well worth it for the experience.

    Glamour produced a lovely flowing mistake free test in both rounds. She looked absolutely stunning and behaved perfectly in the indoor with its big atmosphere, not even a glimpse at a flower pot! We took home 6th place in round 2, B final.

    Owners, rider and groom were all terribly pleased with 'Miss Puss". The Prydes Easifeed representatives at DJWTS were great, delivering feed and much sought after grassy hay together with a Prydes saddle cloth. Thank you Prydes Easifeed!

  • October- Queensland State Dressage Championships held at Caboolture proved to be another successful event for the horses from Lexington Farm. Dixon's Glamour (left) placed 4th and 6th in the Preliminary Challenge, receiving an award for Best Performed Hannoverian. Liaison (right) placed 4th in the Intermediate II and 6th in the Intermediate I, receiving Best Performed Holsteiner. We also took home the Masters Trophy.

    Glamour Qld Champs 2006Liaison Qld Champs 2006Wallace Qld Champs 2006

  • September - Two Championship wins at the Rockhampton Dressage Championships! Dixon's Glamour (4yrs old) took out the Official Novice Championship with scores to 69%. Warrobil Game Crusader ( 6 yrs old) won the Associate Elementary Championship. Well done kids!

  • August-  A very busy month with 3 competions in 4 weeks.  Warrobil Game Crusader competed at  Bundaberg Official Dressage at elementary level, placing 2nd with 69% - just a lovely smooth,correct test. Lexington Lucky Swing competed also at prelim level placing 4th in his classes, his behaviour was fantastic for his first trip to Bundaberg.

    It was then off to the TDEG FEI show at Gatton. Liaison and Claire entered their first Grand Prix - what a centre line to remember!  What an achievement, especially being based in Central Queensland.  There were some great highlights, scores of 7/8 for passage and some of the more difficult transitions.  Liaison handled the pressure very well, with just some little spooks at times. The crowd were very supportive and special mention of this achievement was made at the presentation.  We were all so proud - which made 'Dummy's' second best friend, his groom Deb Ashby, cry!

    A week later it was down to Maryborough Championships with Warrobil Game Crusader competing at elementary level and ending up Reserve Champion.

  • July - Dixon's Glamour made her first appearance at an official competition. What a star in the arena, scoring 75% in her first test!  Three tests for 3 wins!  At her following competition in Rockhampton, she won her first official Novice start with 66.8% - another 3 wins!  She is such a great horse to ride - Thank you to Dixon's Homes for giving me the opportunity to ride such a fantastic horse!
  • June - Liaison (pic left) - Intermediate II champion at the Great South East
    Queensland Dressage Championships.
    He also placed 4th in Intermediate I.




  • May - Lexington Lucky Swing hit the big competition arena at Toowoomba Championships and behaved exceptionally for such a young inexperienced horse.  He placed 3rd in the 4yr YH competition, scoring 8/10 walk, 8/10 trot, 7.8/10 canter.  Liaison had his first indoor start for the year at Inter I and Inter II levels, placing 6th and 3rd respectively.
  • April - Lexington Lucky Swing had his first competiton experience in Rockhampton at Prep/Prelim levels scoring 70%.  He then went down to Cooloola official dressage competions on two occasions and won at Prelim level twice.


  • September - Lexington Cover Girl scored an average of over 71% at the Bundaberg Country Dressage Championships for Reserve Novice Champion.  Warrobil Game Crusader placed 2nd and 5th in his Elementary tests.
  • August - Lexington Cover Girl won the Novice Championship at Cooloola Official Dressage Championships.  This was followed by wins in both Preliminary and Novice levels to take out both championships at the Maryborough Active Riders Group Official Dressage Championships. Also at Maryborough, Warrobil Game Crusader won his first official indoor elementary test with just under 65%. Unfortunately his next test was disrupted by the arena collapsing around him due to bad weather.
  • July - Due to minor injury, Liaison will not be competing again in 2005.
  • July, saw Warrobil Game Crusader take out the Novice Championship at the Gladstone-Calliope Official Dressage Event. We also won the Prelim1.4 with 70%, and were awarded the Highest Percentage Trophy.
  • June was a busy month for the team. The Park Ridge Two Star Official event was on first in June and we had a great result for 2nd Prix St Georges 65.17% (personal best) and 1st in the Intermediate 1 with 63.67%.

    Then it was north to Nambour for the Brisbane CDI -W, an international dressage competition held over 3 days. Riders from all states competed and were viewed by international and interstate judges. The Prix St Georges had 27 entries, so a 4th place on 63.33% was a pleasing result for Liaison. And just to be 'consistent' we scored 63.33% yet again in the Intermediate 1 for 4th place, although the international judge from Denmark had us in 2nd place.

    In the Intermediate 1 Freestyle we managed a super, super test and scored 67.82% for 2nd place behind the winner, Glennis and Classico 11 (NSW) on 70%.
  • On a more serious note at the Toowoomba Championships Two Star event, Liaison and Claire cleaned up in the FEI Small Tour with a win in the Intermediate 1 (64.75% - personal best) and 2nd in the Prix St Georges (62.25%). This gave them Champion Inter 1 and Reserve Champion PStG.
  • Warrobil Game Crusader (pic left) did very
    well against the best of them at his first
    major comp with a 3rd in the 4yr YH and
    4th in Prelim/Novice (66.8%).




  • Lexington Cover Girl produced a fabulous result at her first competition at Caboolture in May, with a super win in the Prelim 1.4 on 72% Go Hotlegs go!
  • At the end of April, Rockhampton hosted the Horse Australia 2005 Expo. At the Official Dressage competition Liaison and Claire were Prix St Georges/Inter 1 Champions, with Warrobil Game Crusader taking out the Novice Championship.







  • Once again Liaison and Claire are selected on the Queensland 'A' Squad for 2005.
  • January - we attended a National clinic with Ulla Salzgeber - Australia's new national coach. Liaison surprised and impressed the National and State selectors with his Grand Prix work. Ulla insured that we continued to work towards greater expression and correctness. It was a very inspiring 3 days!Warrobil Game Crusader
  • A great start to 2005 for Liaison with two wins at Caboolture One Star Official Dressage, Prix St Georges and Intermediate I.
  • Warrobil Game Crusader (pictured right), 4yr old gelding by Grand Cru also had a great day out at his first official dressage competition. he won the Prelim 1.4, 66.8% and the Novice 2.4, 64.8% at Gladstone.

FOR 2004

  • Liaison and Claire were selected on the 2004 Queensland State Dressage 'A' Squad
  • At the CDG One Star event in March, Liaison and Claire placed 2nd (60.58%) in their first Intermediate I test.
  • At the CDG Official event in April, the pair placed 2nd in the Prix St Georges (63.17%) and 2nd in the Intermediate I (61.75%).
  • At Nambour One Star event in April, Liaison and Claire won the Intermediate I with 62.92% and placed 2nd in the Prix St Georges on 63.50%
  • NADEC Official Dressage, Gold Coast 16 May 2004
    1st Prix St Georges with 62.67%
    3rd Intermediate I with 60.85%
  • PRARG Official Dressage, Park Ridge June 2004
    4th Prix St Georges with 62.67%
    4th Intermediate I with 62.88%
  • Courtesy Emma ShulzMitavite FEI Freestyle Challenge, Pine Lodge, 12 June 2004. With a sequence of flying changes every third stride on a circle, Liaison and Claire scored over 67% from judge Ricky Macmillan, Olympic dressage rider, who commented , " super 4's and 3's choreography, horse has good quality changes and you took a risk, well done". Overall result of 3rd place on 66%. Photo Courtesy Emma Shulz.
  • Great Southeastern Queensland Champtionships 7/8 August 2004
    3rd Prix St Georges with 62.67%
    3rd Intermediate I with 63.33%
    Winner of the Best Performed Holsteiner at FEI level trophy
  • At the Gladstone Calliope Championships in August, Liaison placed 1st in the Prix St Goerges with 66.13% - a personal best score.  He also placed 1st in the Intermediate I with 64.38% - another personal best.
  • At the Toowoomba Offical Dressage held at Gatton in August, Liaison placed 2nd in the Prix St Goerges with 63.42% and 1st in the Intermediate I with 63.75%
  • Rockhampton Equestrian Group Inc. - Central Queensland Championships
    41st Prix St Georges with 61.0%
    1st Intermediate 1 with 63.38%
    Overall FEI Champion
  • North Coast Active Riders Group Inc., Nambour, Two Star Sunshine Coast Championships
    3rd Prix St Georges with 62.33%
    3rd Intermediate I with 63.67%


  • Liaison and Claire were selected on the 2003 Queensland Dressage Squad
  • Nominated for the Australian Prix St. Georges Challenge
  • Commences competing at Advances/Prix St. Georges levels
  • Placed 2nd in the Prix St. Georges Futurity, South East Qld Championships, July 2003
  • Placed 2nd in the Prix St. Georges and PStG Freestyle to music, South East Qld Championships, July 2003
  • Placed 5th in the Prix St. Georges, Great SE Qld Championships, August 2003
  • Winner of the Advances and Prix St. Georges at Gladstone/Calliope Championships, August 2003
  • Winner of the Prix St. Georges Futurity, Sunshine Coast Dressage Championships, Sept 2003
  • Advances Reserve Champion, Sunshine Coast Dressage Championships Sept 2003
  • Winner of the Advances 5F at Queensland State Championships, Oct 2003.
  • Placed in the Prix St. Georges. Awarded Highest Performed Holsteiner at Advances/PStG levels
  • Qualified and accepted at advances and PStG levels for the Australian Dressage Championships, Sydney Equestrian Centre, October 2003. Places consistently in top 11 at both levels
  • Selected on the 'A' Team for the Queensland State Dressage Squad for 2004


Claire trained and competed to advanced level on the thoroughbred "Lexington" between 1997 and 2001. Her current competition horse is the highly successful warmblood gelding Liaison. He is line bred on his sire"s side to the late French Holsteiner Cor de la Bryere. Purchased in 1997 from River Range Warmblood Stud as a 2yo, he is now owned and trained by Claire. In July 1999 his dressage career began successfully with two Reserve Champions at his first official competition. A consistent winner throughout Queensland with numerous champion and reserve champion titles at preliminary and novice level. Qualifying for the 2000 Queensland State Dressage Championships, Liaison placed in the top five in each the five classes entered. Competing at novice level, he achieved 2nd and 5th, and was 2nd in the novice/elementary freestyle. The Young Horse 5yo class was strongly contested by 16 horses with Liaison placing 4th on 80%.

At the Australian National Young Horse Championship, "Dressage with the Stars" 2000 in Melbourne, Liaison placed 5th with 73.14% in a field of 42 horses in round 1 of the 5yo class. Achieving 8 out 10 for type as a dressage horse, and 68% for 7th place in the final round amongst many imported horses.

In 2001, Liaison won the Elementary Champion, Freestyle Champion and Highest Percentage at the Caboolture Unofficial Championships. The pair placed 3rd and 5th in the elementary classes at the Caboolture Official Championships in June. At the Fraser Coast Championships, Liaison was the elementary champion, winning the nov/elem freestyle with the highest percentage on the day. Winning the Sunshine Coast Dressage Championships 6yo class with 75% in round 2. At Dressage with the Stars 2001, Liaison placed 6th in the first and final round, and was the only Australian bred and sired horse in the final line up. The international judges comment was that "Liaison is a ladies dressage horse with a good future."

Claire and Liaison were selected on the Queensland State Dressage Squad for 2002. At the Brisbane Mitavite Dressage Spectacular, June 2002, they placed 2nd after round 2, ahead of several imported stallions including Man About Town ridden by Heath Ryan. In the final round Liaison scored 75% to keep him in 2nd place. They equalled the score of the winner on the rideability mark. International judges and the guest rider praised his good type, trainability and paces.

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